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Get the latest in marine safety and navigation news from Caribbean Boat and Yacht Insurance updated on this page. Check back often as we will continue to bring you up-to-date information from marine insurance industry and government sources. You may fill out our Quote Request Form, Email us, call us at 800-990-9283 or we can call you to quote for marine insurance on your yacht.

What Details of a Yacht Policy Need Examination What Details of a Yacht Policy Need Examination?
Environmental damage, Mechanical breakdown, Ice and freezing, and Defense costs are factors to be considered.  Find Out More

National Hurricane Center
2017 Storm Season Outlook
 Storm Season Hurricane Updated Outlook
National Hurricane Center
2016 Storm Season Outlook
 Storm Season Hurricane Outlook

The N H C
2015 Updates and Reporting
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National Hurricane Center
2014 Five Day Disturbance Outlook & Forecast
 5 Day Hurricane Outlook

The National Hurricane Center
2013 Forecast Reporting Methods Updates
 Find Out More
The N H C
2012 Updates and Reporting
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Boat Buyers Warned
Avoid Hurricane-Damaged Vessels

Auctioning of Badly Damaged Yachts
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USCG Safety Alert
GPS Position Offsets

Interconnected Devices
 Safety Hazard 

USCG Safety Alert
GPS Navigation Warning

Waypoint Nav. Errors
Data at the Double
Inmarsat Fleet F77

128K Connectivity

What is WAAS?
Northstar Answers
 Your WAAS 
DGPS Explained

 Overlay System 

And Boats

 Site Overview 
USCG Warnings
Marine TV
 Navigation Interference 

Automatic Ident. Systems
MX420 Navigation
 AIS Complete Guide 

What is GMDSS?
Global Maritime Distress
and Safety System
 Explanation by Inmarsat